​School Rush!

“Conveniently fabulous app! I can access the school calendar, teacher email addresses and phone numbers as well as the class roster . . . all in one place and all with the touch of a finger. Fantastic!” - Kim B. 

SchoolRush is a convenient, easy to use App that will transform the way schools and parents communicate.

  • Instant access to current and upcoming events for each child. 

  • Access to parents, teachers and school contact info.

  • Send targeted notifications to parents of a specific class.

  • Links to existing digital assets such as website, facebook, twitter.

"As a growing school, we found ourselves struggling to find the right tool to communicate important information to our busy parents. Too many emails were leading to "email fatigue" resulting in unopened messages and actually decreasing effective communication. The SchoolRush App is the perfect tool. " - Mrs. Kate O., Principal, Holy Family Catholic Academy.

If it takes a village to raise a child, let SchoolRush create your digital tribe. 

Our goal is to enable schools and parents to communicate more effectively. Parents don’t have to waste any more time searching the school’s website, or reading that five page newsletter that may not feature much information relevant to their child. Instead, updates are automatically sent to parents!

SchoolRush offers an array of features designed to make it easier than ever to connect with school and fellow parents. If you’re a parent, here’s how SchoolRush can benefit you. 

Not only does SchoolRush list all contact information for the school, such as phone numbers and email addresses, but it also connects to School's social media pages. Plus, get access to the school’s website through the App. Everything is touch sensitive, meaning that you can call the school’s main office simply by touching the phone number. Your phone and the App will do the rest. The same goes for emails. 

Here are some other features that parents have called “conveniently fabulous”: 

Annual School Calendar

  • ​Events tagged to specific classes and parents, which means that parent only sees what’s relevant to their kids
  • Can be synced to Google calendar, school website and personal calendar on mobile device
  • Parent can click on any day or month to see relevant events

“This app is so useful and much appreciated. I can see the potential for it being very helpful when planning the family's calendar. A MUST USE APP!!” - Angela G.

Daily Planner

  • Provides parent instant access to current and upcoming events for each of their children

“The Daily Planner is awesome. I like how it is broken out into each of our child's daily activities.” - Johnny P.

Student & Staff Directory

  • Parents can access each other’s contact info
  • Contact info for teachers and school is also accessible
  • Email and phone numbers are touch sensitive

Push Notifications

  • School staff can send targeted notifications to parents of a specific class
  • Notifications show up as alerts to user
  • These can include attendance, homework and emergency alerts 

“This app really helps. I'm glad that there is an app now to make everything easier to see. It's easy to use and navigate through all of the great features.” - Jessie R. 

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